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Adapters for Petri Dishes

Automation Software
   Automation Software

Cooling and Heating
   Cooling and Heating microscope stages
   Fast Heating and Cooling

Coverslips Chambers and Holders
   Chambers for rectangular coverslips
   Chambers for round coverslips
   Glass coverslips
   Low-profile open chambers
   Perfusion chambers
   Ultra-thin sealed chambers

Flow cell for High Resolution Imaging

Heated Microscope stages
   Coverslip Heaters
   Petri dish heaters
   Transparent glass heaters

Heaters for Petri dishes
   Heated Microscope Stages
   Heated Perfusion Stages

Heating Elements
   Heating Elements for 35mm dishes and chambers
   Heating Elements for 50mm dishes and chambers
   Uniformly heated elements

Imaging, High Resolution Chambers
   Thin Sealed Chambers

in vivo Heaters
   Transparent glass heaters

Microscope Adapters
   Stainless Steel Magnetic Adapters
   Universal Microscope Adapters

Miniature Incubators
   Incubators for manual stages, 110x110mm
   Incubators for motorized stages, 160x110mm

Miniature Magnetic & Screw-Type Holders

Perfusion Accessories, manifolds, fitting and tubing
   Tubing & Fitting

Perfusion Chambers
   CoverSlip Chambers
   Petri Dish Inserts

Perfusion Systems, Programmable
   Pinch Valves Perfusion Systems
   Solenoid valves

Peristaltic pumps, programmable
   Automated Systems
   Miniature Perfusion Systems

Petri dish inserts
   Inserts for 35mm dishes

Pinch Valves
   Perfusion Systems

Pressure controllers-pumps, manifolds and accessories
   Pressure pumps and manifolds

Temperature Controllers, programmable
   2-channel Heating and Cooling Controllers, low noise
   2-Channel temperature controller
   Heating & Cooling Bipolar Controllers, low noise
   Low Electrical Noise Heating Controllers

Valve Controllers, programmable
   Computerized valve controllers
   Valves and Accessories

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