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Heater for in vivo experiments and imaging

A temperature controlled transparent glass heater to keep exposed organs at animal body temperature. This heater can be adjusted to position next to or above a small animal. Live attached organs can be placed into a chamber attached to the glass surface of the heater. Easy to clean after use.  Adjustable miniature tubing holders can be used for media exchange or to apply test solutions (the holders can be also used to fix electrodes and sensors). Magnetic stands provide solid support on the microscope table (or use screw-type adapters for M6 / 1/4-20 threaded surfaces). The stands are adjustable for easy elevation change during experiments. Larger custom heaters are available upon request. Sample publications: Dopamine-Mediated Autocrine Inhibitory Circuit Regulating Human Insulin Secretion in Vitro Mol Endocrinol. 2012 Oct; 26(10): 17571772.



1x 3 in. transparent glass heater

Temperature stability:

0.01C, required for sensitive applications: nano/piezo positioning, confocal imaging

Adjustable elevation:

Flexible, up to 2in. Can be custom modified

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Required accessories: temperature controllers.

Optional accessories: solution switches and flow control.

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In Vivo transparent heater, adjustable, 1x3in.