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Automation Software, BT-1

This computer based system can automate any protocol or process, which involve solution switching, mixing, flow control, test substance application and environment manipulation.  Can be also used to automate your routine sample treatment or staining procedure. Ships installed on a computer and ready to use: can be preprogrammed, and configured according to your specific protocol requests. Works with our standard perfusion, flow, and temperature controllers

The package comprises two major parts: editing and hardware control. Initially, you create or open an existing protocol. Adjust the required solution application and mixing sequences, and then, run the protocol when needed again and again.

The execution part allows you not only run the protocol automatically but switch channels and external devices manually. With simple and user friendly interface, the protocol can be stopped at any time. The time sequence can be verified by accessing the time log. Click on the images to enlarge the screen shot.

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Process and Treatment control software, installed on a new DELL laptop/notebook



Computer upgrade desktop/laptop. Replaces the economy computer in the system above, ships with software installed.



16-Channel Valve Controller



4-Channel Flow Controller



2-Channel Bipolar Temperature Controller