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Zero-dead volume manifold, ZMM

Zero-dead volume facilitates solution exchange inside small volume perfusion chambers. The output channels can be adjusted at a different height to prevent contamination of solutions. The outputs for lower concentration solutions, for example, can be positioned higher so that they do not mix with other solutions. The upper channels can be also used to provide suction of excess of solution from small volume perfusion chambers.

Incorporated magnetic holder allows you to position the manifold anywhere around your sample. Two thumb screws fix the manifold in required position: height, angle, length. Comes with 2 ft. long connecting tubing with luer connector, attached to polyimide 250/360 micron I.D. channels. All tubing is replaceable and washable. Perfusion system or/and pressurized Small Volume Delivery System SVDS1 is required. Can be used with small volume PCCS2, CSC chambers and petri dish inserts. Consider tubing fitting PS-kit. Ships configured with six 360micron channels, which allow you do make from 1 to 6-channel manifolds. Specify if 8-channel 250 micron I.D. channels are required.



removable 6-channel - 360 micron;

Connecting tubing:

2ft. tubing with luer connectors

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Required accessories: microscope adapter.

Optional accessories: perfusion system, flow control.

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Zero-dead volume manifold, 6-channel