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Heating & Cooling Temperature controller BTC-1-100, BTC-2-100

Can be used with Temperature controlled microscope stages, heated and cooled. Low electrical noise, heating and cooling temperature controller for microscope stages.
BTC-2-100 controller includes an independent second channel for objective heaters/coolers or perfusion TC-RD unit.
  • External Bath probes and internal Stage temperature sensor
  • Automatically switches from Heating to Cooling
  • Temperature Set manually (or externally BTC-2-100 only)
  • Over-heating protection prevents damage to your sample
  • Does not introduce electrical noise during recordings
  • Standby mode 
  • Analog output to monitor temperature, and input to SET temperature (BTC-2-100 only)
  • RS232 port to monitor temperature, and to SET temperature (BTC-2-100 only)
  • Plastic-encapsulated external probes: no metal ions leakage into solutions

Most heating and cooling stages work as inline solution pre-heaters. Can be used with flow control and perfusion systems. Includes connecting cables. An external temperature probe might be needed, to monitor bath temperature for example. Incorporates an internal power supply: 12V is suitable for TC-RD and objective coolers,  24V is required for larger cooling stages.



-80 to 150C with accuracy 0.1C

Temperature probes:

miniature 0.87mm diameter; fits small volume chambers;


flexible, allow to stabilize temperature in different sample volumes and heating stage sizes


STAGE (or External BATH probe for BTC-2-100 only)


100-240VAC/4A max, 140W with 35V inside power supply



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See sample publication:
1 Apparatus and Method for Producing Specimens for Electron Microscopy. patent US 20140360286 A1;
2 Eugenol and carvacrol excite first- and second-order trigeminal neurons and enhance their heat-evoked responses. Neuroscience. 2014 June 20; 271: 4555;

Required accessories: cooling stages, cable, probes, power supply.

Optional accessories: perfusion system, flow control.

Download PDF manual for BTC-2-100, or BTC-1-100 controller.

Download PDF catalog.

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1-Channel Temperature Controller, high stability, no electrical noise, with automatic cooling



2-Channel Temperature Controller, high stability, no electrical noise, with automatic cooling



Miniature 0.87mm temperature Probe



Cable Assembly for BTC controller (included with the controller). A cooling stage and temperature probes can be attached to the cable connectors.