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Miniature Perfusion Cooler/Heater unit TC-RD

Controls temperature of perfusion solutions. A small heating/cooling element is designed to mount next to your sample to provide fast temperature changes by streaming the solution directly onto the sample. Set temperature either manually, using your data acquisition interface, or using programmable controller TC2-80-150 to generate ramps, for example. Optimized for patch clamp applications: no electrical noise. Click on image to enlarge. See sample publications.

Below is an example of fast temperature change inside a petri dish. Experimental conditions: TC-RD system was set at 0C; the petri dish was set at 30C using another TC-1 controller and TC-PCP heating stage; two flow control CFPS-1U66 units were used - one for solution suction from the dish, through PDI insert inside the dish; and another CFPS-1U66 to cool heat sink of TC-RD unit; the third CFPS-1U unit was used to perfuse the dish; a slow temperature sensor was used to simulate temperature change in the whole dish; the actual temperature change in the point of solution application is much faster. Sample publications:
1 Eugenol and carvacrol excite first- and second-order trigeminal neurons and enhance their heat-evoked responses. Neuroscience. 2014 June 20; 271: 4555;



1.5 x 2.25 x 4.25in (without mounting 7mm rod)


0.1C, built-in sensor

Heat Sink:

optional water cooling for very low temperatures


Removable tubing; easy to wash

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Required accessories: economy or 2-channel temperature controller, sink cooling.

Optional accessories: perfusion.

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Miniature Perfusion Fast Heater/Cooler unit