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Low Profile Cooling & Heating stage for upright scanning microscopes, BTC-SCAN

This heating/cooling stage fits inside 160x110mm cutouts of motorized stages. The low profile allows positioning under scanning heads and objectives of upright microscopes. 1mm deep cutout will fit x2 standard 1x3in slides. Can be used with: custom devices, disposable slides and coverglasses. Positioned on both sides threaded #4-40 holes (x4) can be used to mount stainless steel clamps. Might require BTC-W heat exchange unit for deep cooling. Requires a temperature controller. Click on image to enlarge.



160x110x11mm, can be elevated with provided 3mm thick spacers

Optical aperture:

none; 77x55x1mm cutout for slides

Objective working distance, minimum:

0mm (for upright microscopes)


0.1C, built-in sensor

Heat Sink:

optional water cooling for low temperatures

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Required accessories: 1-channel or 2-channel temperature controller, sink cooling.

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Low Profile Heating & Cooling stage for upright scanning microscopes