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Slides and Chambered Coverglasses Cooling & Heating stage, BTC-SLM

Can be used with: custom devices, disposable slides and coverglasses. Can cool the sample down to -5C (in combination with BTC-W heat exchange unit) or heat up to 150C. Fits 160x110mm cutout of motorized stages, and type K Zeiss stages. The cooling area is an inside cutout 26x79mm (to fit standard slides), with 20x40mm aperture in the middle. The inside cutout is 17mm deep, with 1mm lip to hold the sample. Requires a temperature controller.
Sample publications:
1 Interfacial Mechanics and Liquid Crystal Structure of Liquid Gallium. Oktober 2021;



110x160x18mm, 26x79mm cooling/heating area

Optical aperture:


Objective working distance, minimum:

0mm (for inverted microscopes)


0.1C, built-in sensor

Heat Sink:

optional water cooling for low temperatures

Click on catalog numbers below to purchase online. See sample publication:
1 Thermal Effects on the Crystallization Kinetics, and Interfacial Adhesion of Single‐Crystal Phase‐Change Gallium. Advanced Materials 03 February 2020;

Required accessories: 1-channel or 2-channel temperature controller, sink cooling.

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Heating & Cooling stage for slides, 160x110mm