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Heating Element with 35mm clearance, TC-E35

Fits 35mm dishes and chambers. Whole bottom is open, which makes it ideal for replaceable coverslip chambers. Since some Petri dish brands have different diameter, reducing adapters TC-PA might be required. Requires a microscope adapters with 50mm mounting opening. Requires a temperature controller. This element is a part of TC-CSC heating stages. The heating element incorporates replaceable PTFE perfusion tubing inside, which makes the element to work as inline pre-heater.

Sample movies obtained from live transgenic embryos incubated using the heating stage. Produced by Albert D. Kim, Julien Y. Bertrand from David Traver's Lab, UCSD, San Diego, CA
Sample publications.



52mm outer diameter, 5.5mm high; 36.8mm inside diameter - fits CSC chambers

Temperature stability:

0.01C, required for sensitive applications: nano/piezo positioning, confocal imaging



Use with:

Coverslips and Petri dishes, including 35mm glass bottom dishes (Petri dishes require a reducing O-ring TC-PA)

Solution Pre-heater:

Replaceable/Removable PTFE tubing, easy to wash. Can be replaced with any soft tubing with O.D. up to 2.3mm.

Microscope adapter:

Fits to 50mm cutout of MA and IMA microscope adapters

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Required accessories: temperature controllers, microscope adapters, coverslip chambers.

Optional accessories: objective heater, miniature holders, perfusion system, flow control.

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Temperature Controlled Chambers and Perfusion



Replacement Heating Element with 35mm clearance.



Round Coverslip Holder Specify coverslip diameter when ordering.



Microscope adapter

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3 Infrared neural stimulation induces intracellular Ca2+ release mediated by phospholipase C. J Biophotonics Volume 11, Issue 2 February 2018;
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