Most of the microscope adapters are based on two standard sizes (bases): 128x86mm the size of standard multi-well plates, which fits most sample holders on mechanical microscope stages; and 160x110mm insert that fits most motorized stages and type K stages (IMA-motor), which also can be used with extensions to fit larger motorized stages.128x86mm base plates fit inside IMA-motor base adapter, which also is used with different inserts to hold various samples. Both IMA-type and MA-type adapters with 50mm opening in the middle are used with Peri dishes, CSC and UTIC chambers and small heating elements TC-E35-xx. IMA-74-xx adapters with 74mm cutout are used with incubators TC-MIS, cooling stages and larger heating elements: TC-E50-xx. Magnetic adapters MA-xx are constructed by attaching magnetic plates to IMA-74-type bases and are used to attach miniature magnetic holders.

Adapters for motorized and type K stages

Magnetic Adapters

Universal Adapters

Adapters with 74mm opening, IMA-74

Adapters for Piezo stages

Sample publication.

Microscope model

MA type adapter (magnetic)

IMA type adapter

IMA-74 type adapter
(74mm opening)

heated plate

128x86mm  insert, fits most specimen/sample holders and motorized stages

Stereo microscopes, specify mounting insert diameter
(95 or 100mm for example)


Recessed down motorized and type K stages:
Ludl, Prior, ASI, Marhauser, Zeiss, Nikon, Thorlabs

Leica & Zeiss
type M inserts


Piezo stages


Leica 88mm


Leica 150x150mm


Nikon, SISKIYOU, Gibraltar, Meiji 108mm


Olympus, Narishige, Gibraltar, Applied Precision 110mm


Upright microscopes


Olympus upright


custom adapters


Sutter 101x151mm


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