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Heated Bath/Dissecting Chamber for in-vivo imaging, for Stereo, Upright, or long-distance objective Inverted microscopes

This is a large (54x54x8mm) volume chamber for different applications, including dissecting of tissue. Can be extended up by placing additional 8mm high chambers. The chamber has a glass bottom with transparent coating, which is used as a heater to provide uniform temperature distribution throughout the entire surface. Optical clearance and heated area is 54x54mm. Built-in temperature sensor. An optional magnetic plate can be placed on top upon request. This will allow mounting optional magnetic holders for tubing, electrodes and suction: MTH-S, MTH, and MH-2. Can be upgraded with an objective heater TC-HLS-05/025. The glass heater is mounted in a 5mm thick 128x86mm frame, the size of standard plates and fits most microscope stages. Might require a microscope adapter (the chamber ships installed on the adapter, specify microscope model when ordering). Requires a temperature controller.

See sample publications: 1, 2.

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Optical window:



128x86mm/5mm thick frame + 8mm, (plus optional extensions, x8mm)

Glass thickness:


Temperature stability:

0.01C, built-in sensor

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Required accessories: temperature controller, and a microscope adapter.

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Large Volume/Miniature Bath/Dissecting Chamber 8mm high



Extension for Large Volume/Miniature Bath/Dissecting Chamber, adds extra 8mm high



Microscope adapter