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Low Profile Heated Stage, TC-E50x30

Larger diameter of this heating element allows you to form low-profile recording and perfusion setups, suitable for use even under upright microscopes. The heating element accepts dishes up to 52mm diameter. Can be used with smaller chambers and 35mm dishes, if combined with reducing adapter-rings. Heating happens from the bottom to eliminate temperature gradient. Optical clearance is 28.5mm. Can be used with  PCCS2 low-profile perfusion chambers, which are only 4mm high. Can be used with sealed thin chambers for high resolution imaging. Can be upgraded with an objective heater for immersion optics. Can be used with CSC coverslip chambers as well. Requires a microscope adapter, specify microscope model when ordering. Click on images to enlarge.

Sample movies obtained from live transgenic embryo samples incubated using the heating stage. Produced by Albert D. Kim, Julien Y. Bertrand from David Traver's Lab, UCSD, San Diego, CA



76mm diameter

Temperature stability:

0.01C, required for sensitive applications: nano/piezo positioning, confocal imaging for example

Optical clearance:


Use with:

Coverslip chambers, 50mm dishes, Petri dishes, including 35mm glass bottom dishes

Solution Pre-heater:

Replaceable/Removable PTFE tubing, easy to wash. Can be replaced with any soft tubing with O.D. up to 2.3mm.

Microscope adapter:

Fits to 74mm cutout of standard microscope adapters

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Required accessories: temperature controllers, microscope adapters.

Optional accessories: objective heater, miniature holders, perfusion system, flow control.

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Low-Profile Heater with 30mm optical aperture



Microscope adapters, specify microscope model when ordering.



50mm reducing adapter-ring for 35mm dishes.



Holder for Ultra-Thin Imaging Chambers, fits 25mm CoverSlips, microscope adapters and heated stages.



Reducing adapter-ring, for Corning type dishes. Can be used with PCCS1 and PCCS2 chambers.



Glass Cover Slip, box of 100. Optical quality glass cover slip for perfusion bath chambers. Box of 100. Made in Germany. No. 1 thickness.



Adhesive layers, pack of 100.



Small Volume Perfusion System for 25mm coverslips.



Adhesive layers, pack of 50, for use with perfusion chambers