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Heater for chambers from Culture Myograph Systems

A heating element designed for 35mm culture myograph chambers. The mounting frame is 128x86mm, the size of standard multi-well plates to fit motorized stages and type-K mechanical stages. Two set screws and two clamps to fix the chamber from two sides and the top. Recessed area for connecting tubing. Bottom aperture is 25mm, with 1mm thick lip to hold the chamber. Requires a temperature controller. The controller stores two settings in its memory for different temperatures for easy temperature jumps.



128x86x3mm, 25mm aperture

Temperature stability:

0.01C, self-adjusting

Dual overheating protection:

regulated power output down to 0W; settings eliminate temperature overshoot; adjustable temperature threshold

Easy to install:

Fits mechanical, motorized and type-K stages

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Required accessories: temperature controllers.

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Heater for 35mm Culture Myograph chambers