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Syringe Holder, SH-1A

This is a universal 0.5in. stand. The mounting base inhibits vibrations from perfusion systems to pass through microscope tables. Includes both, a 1x1ft. plate to place the holder on non-magnetic surfaces, and a strong magnetic base. The stand can be also mounted to surfaces with M8 threaded holes. Comes with three 0.5in. posts, which allow you to extend the holder up to 3 feet high. Comes with SH-10 syringe holder for 50-60ml syringes, and 16 adapters for smaller volume syringes. Includes eight stop-cocks and fitting for 1/16 in. I.D. soft tubing. The magnetic base diameter is only 2.50 in. Includes  50 feet of Tygon tubing. This item is included with 8 and 16-channel perfusion systems.

Threaded post with x-block, SH-PX

For use with stands, or syringe holders. These 1 foot long 0.5in. posts can be threaded into each other to form modular constructs. They fit all our perfusion accessories and systems, including solution switches and flow control units. Includes X-block.

Syringe Holder, SH-10

Syringe holder for eight 50 ml syringes. Can be fixed on a 0.5 in. post with a flowerette head screw. The syringe holder has slots for tubing, so that syringes do not have to be disconnected while taking them out for refill. Comes with eight 50ml syringes and adapter rings for smaller volume syringes. Included with item SH-A1 above.

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Required accessories: perfusion system.

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Threaded post and X-block



Syringe Holder



Syringe Holder