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Miniature Manifold for Single Cell Superfusion.

Micro-manifolds are used to achieve fast solution application to small samples (single cells, for example). Due to the small size of the sample, solution exchange around the sample can happen in as fast as few ms. The micro-manifolds also offer advantage of not contaminating the whole bath chamber, but applying the substances locally (provided that perfusion chamber is used with frequent wash). Comes with three replaceable threaded tips of 360, 250 and 100 micron I.D. for single cell and small tissue superfusion. Incorporates 2 ft. long PTFE  tubing for direct connection to perfusion systems. Inside PTFE tubing is easy to wash. The threaded replaceable tips are washable and allow you to use the manifold with solutions under higher pressure. The length of tips is around 1 in., and can be cut to the required length. Incorporates 10cm long 4mm O.D. rod to mount on miniature manipulators and 7mm O.D. adapter to mount on regular manipulators. Incorporates eight separate channels. If used with less than 8 different solutions, multiple channels can be filled with the same solution, for faster wash-out for example. Requires a perfusion system. Can be used with small volume delivery systems, SVDS1. Includes two nozzles to use with small volume chambers as a regular manifold for bath perfusion. This item is included with 8-channel fast perfusion system PS15-8.


Miniature manifold and micro-positioner on magnetic holder, MMH-MM

This miniature manifold  comes  with a 3-D fine positioner to firmly fix the micromanifold next to your sample. Independent 3-axes control  with 12mm working distance and micron resolution. The magnetic  mounting allows you to change tilt angel. If you do not have a magnetic surface, the assembly can be mounted on threaded surfaces using included  adapters. Click on image to enlarge.



8-channel, 360 micron


replaceable 100, 250 and 360 micron tips, and two barbed nozzles

Connecting tubing:

incorporates 2ft. PTFE tubing per channel

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Required accessories: perfusion system.

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Miniature Manifold for Single Cell Superfusion, 8-channels.



Replacement 360 micron tips, set of 4.



Replacement 250 micron tips, set of 4.



Replacement 100 micron tips, set of 4.



Miniature manifold and micromanipulator on magnetic holder