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Microscope Adapters, stainless steel, MA-128x86

This microscope stage adapter provides flexible working area for positioning accessories required for high resolution live sample imaging and recording: from media exchange and test solution delivery tubing, to sensors and electrodes. Specially treated stainless magnetic surface  provides ideal means to mount miniature adjustable magnetic holders. Incorporates adjustable clamps to fix all brands of 35mm Petri dishes and chambers, glass bottom dishes (both 35 and 50mm), and heating stages.

Adapters for all brands of microscopes, including motorized stages, are available. They are constructed by attaching either 108mm round or rectangular stainless steel magnetic plate to the top of appropriate IMA-74-type insert. Choose the size appropriate for your microscope. Shown below is a CSC chamber inside MA adapter for Olympus/Nikon with MA-MTH holders.

Adjustable Magnetic Holders Set, MA-MTH

Simplified set of three miniature magnetic holders to configure solution exchange lines, electrodes, sensors, and even glass micropipettes around your sample. Includes adjustable stainless steel suction tubing for perfusion chambers, adjustable holder with miniature ball-joint to fix inflow tubing and manifolds of solution application systems, and a double clamp to fix tubing, sensors, electrodes or glass pipettes. The miniature holders were designed not to obstruct optical path.

Adapters, reducing rings, for Petri dishes, TC-PA-

For different brands of 35mm dishes. Since different brands have different diameter, a reducing ring is recommended to center the dish inside the microscope adapter. Select the appropriate adapter from the table below. If your brand of the dish is not listed, we might be able to find the right adapter if you send us a sample of the dish.

Adapter, reducing ring, for Easy-grip Petri dishes from BD, PA-EG

For BD easy-grip brand of 35mm dishes. Since the actual diameter of these dishes is more than 38mm, a reducing ring is recommended to center the dish inside the microscope stage. The adapter is the green ring on the picture to the right.

Sample publication.

Adapter Specifications:

Inside opening:


Reducing ring and clamps:

to fit all brands of 35mm dishes, and CSC chambers

Use with:

35mm dishes (including glass bottom dishes), CSC chambers, 50mm glass bottom dishes, and heating elements.

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Optional accessories: bath chambers, miniature holders, heating elements, perfusion system, flow control.

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Miniature Magnetic Holders Set



Microscope Adapter, stainless steel, for Olympus microscopes, Applied Precision stages, Narishige stages, Burleigh Gibraltar stages, 110mm



Microscope Adapter, stainless steel, for Nikon, Meiji microscopes, SISKIYOU stages, Burleigh Gibraltar stages, 108mm



Microscope Adapter, stainless steel, for Leica microscopes and Zeiss type M stages



Microscope Adapter, stainless steel, for motorized stages



Microscope adapter, stainless steel, 128x86mm



Reducing adapter-ring, for Corning type dishes, including Mattek dishes.



Reducing adapter  -reducing rings-, for FluoroDishes.



Reducing adapter  -reducing rings-, for Greiner Bio-One dishes, glass bottom



Reducing adapter-ring, for Willco dishes.



Reducing adapter-ring, easy-grip dishes from BD.