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Adjustable tubing/electrode holder MTH

Position multiple tubing, probes, glass capillaries and electrodes around your sample chamber. This miniature holder can be attached to a microscope adapter or any magnetic surfaces. Several holders can be placed on the same adapter. The holder includes a number of extension arms, ball joint and double-clamp for fragile accessories (electrodes for example). Each arm adds approx. 1 in. to extend. The extensions are attached using thumb screws, which allow easy configurations and adjustments of tilt, swing, and rotation angles in multiple axes. Below are possible configurations plus all configurations possible with MH-1 holder. No extra tools are needed. Simply put the holder on any iron surface and the strong magnet will keep the tubing and other accessories firmly in place anywhere around your sample. The base of the holder is only 0.75in. diameter. The magnetic bottom is covered with Teflon film to move the holder easily along metal surfaces. Comes with standoffs to mount on M6, M3, #4-40 or 1/4-20 threaded surfaces without magnet. Comes with adhesive magnetic strip to attach the holders even to non magnetic and plastic surfaces. Can be used with perfusion, controlled flow and micro-perfusion systems as well as to hold electrodes.

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Foot print:



x2 1in. long, x1 right-angle, x1 mounting 4mm rod. with double clamp.



Tubing clamp:

x1 and x1 double-clamp


Magnetic, M6, M3, #4-40, and #1/4-20 threaded surfaces, and surfaces with holes (optional MH-SCR adapter might be required).

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Required accessories: microscope adapter.

Optional accessories: perfusion system, flow control.

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