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Chamber for replaceable 22x22mm square coverslips, CSC-22x22

Consists of two parts. Similar to CSC chamber, but for square 22x22mm coverslip. The coverslip is sealed with a silicone O-ring between two metal parts. Bottom part is aluminum, for use in temperature controlled applications. Inside opening is 19mm diameter. The metal base facilitates heat transfer. Fits to heating stages and non-heated stages. Can be used for imaging and recording. 3-D Model.

There is no contact between solution and the chamber base to prevent ions leakage. The included top glass coverslip can be used to seal your sample from top as well - to from a micro-incubator. The top can be secured using the included metal ring, or using flat springs of microscope adapters. The bottom part has a recessed profile to fit square 22x22mm coverslips. Overall diameter is the same as standard Petri dishes. The included O-rings allows using different thickness coverslips. Simply put the coverslip inside and seal it with silicone ring by a snap-in action, then secure with a top metal ring (the silicone ring can be also secured by flat springs of microscope adapters). Can be used as a perfusion chamber, if combined with miniature tubing holders.
Sample publications:
1 Biomimetic Nanoarchitectures for the Study of T Cell Activation with Single-Molecule Control. 2016;


Outside diameter:




Aperture/Working volume:

19mm, approx. 280 microl

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Required accessories: microscope adapter.

Optional accessories: miniature tubing holders, temperature control, objective heater, perfusion system, flow control.

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Chamber for Replaceable Square 22x22mm Coverslip



Glass Coverslips, 22x22mm, No 1.5, box of 100.