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Low Profile Cooling & Heating stage for Slides and Chambered Coverglasses, BTC-SL-128x86

This low profile heating/cooling stage designed to fit inside 128x86mm holders for standard multi-well plates. Can be used with: custom devices, disposable slides and coverglasses. Positioned on both sides threaded #4-40 holes can be used to mount optional IMA-MH tubing and probes holders. Can cool the sample down to 0C (in combination with BTC-W heat exchange unit) or heat up to 100C. The cooling area is an inside cutout 29x79x1mm (to fit standard slides), with 20x40mm aperture in the middle. Requires a temperature controller.



128x86mm, 29x79mm cooling/heating area

Optical aperture:


Objective working distance, minimum:

0mm (for inverted and upright microscopes)


0.1C, built-in sensor

Heat Sink:

optional water cooling for low temperatures

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Required accessories: 1-channel or 2-channel temperature controller, sink cooling.

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Low Profile Heating & Cooling stage for slides, 128x86mm