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Microscope Adapter, IMA-128x86(mm)

This basic adapter goes in place for standard multi-well plates to fit on most mechanical and motorized microscope stages. It can be used with heating elements, glass bottom (35/50mm) and regular Petri dishes, as well as coverslip holders and cover glasses. Miniature screw-type holders can be attached directly to the surface to fix perfusion tubing, electrodes, and sensors. Includes fixing clamps and thumb screws, plus the reducing ring for 35mm dishes. Click on image to enlarge.

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This plate is also used to make IMA-type adapters for microscopes with different stages by attaching to an appropriate IMA-74-type insert to the bottom. For motorized stages and type K stages, IMA-128x86 plate goes inside IMA-motor insert. You can form imaging and perfusion chambers directly on the surface of standard microscope glass slides or rectangular 25x60mm coverslips and position the chamber on an upright or inverted microscope using this adapter.


Inside opening:

50mm, & 76x26mm

Reducing Ring and Clamps:

to fit and hold all brands of 35mm dishes (including glass bottom dishes)


3 mm

Use with:

35mm dishes, CSC coverslip chambers, 50mm dishes, glass slides, and heating elements

Miniature Adjustable Holders Set IMA-MH

The set includes three miniature screw-type holders to arrange micro-accessories around your sample: from electrodes and sensors to media exchange and test solution application tubing. The set includes two miniature ball-joints to fix tubing, including perfusion manifolds; and double-clamp to fix fragile electrodes and sensors, including glass micro-pipettes. The holders are mounted on provided stand-off, which fit threaded holes in IMA adapters. Click on image to enlarge.

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Miniature stand-offs for clamps and holders, set of 4, MH-STAND

Allow you to attach clamping accessories to any opening in the microscope adapter - can slide along two long openings on both sides of your sample. Multiple ways to fix: thumb screws and nuts from the top and nuts and screws from the bottom. Click on image to enlarge.

Adapters, reducing rings, for Petri dishes, TC-PA-

For different brands of 35mm dishes. Since different brands have different diameter, a reducing ring is recommended to center the dish inside the microscope adapter. Select the appropriate adapter from the table below. If your brand of the dish is not listed, we might be able to find the right adapter if you send us a sample of the dish.

Adapter, reducing ring, for Easy-grip Petri dishes from BD, PA-EG

For BD easy-grip brand of 35mm dishes. Since the actual diameter of these dishes is more than 38mm, a reducing ring is recommended to center the dish inside the microscope stage. The adapter is the green ring on the picture to the right.

Optional accessories: miniature holders, heating stages.

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Microscope Adapter, 128x86mm



Miniature Adjustable Holders Set



Miniature stand-offs for clamps and holders, set of 4



Microscope Adapter for Olympus microscopes, Burleigh Gibraltar stages, Narishige stages, Applied Precision stages, 110mm diameter, 74mm opening



Microscope Adapter for Nikon, Meiji microscopes, SISKIYOU stages, Burleigh Gibraltar stages, 108mm diameter, 74mm opening



Microscope Adapter for stereo microscopes, 95mm diameter, 74mm opening



Microscope Adapter for Leica microscopes, 88mm diameter, 74mm opening



Microscope Adapter for motorized stages to use with 128x86mm inserts



Microscope Adapter for Leica stages, 150x150mm 74mm opening



Reducing adapter-ring, for Corning type dishes, including Mattek dishes.



Reducing adapter  -reducing rings-, for FluoroDishes.



Reducing adapter  -reducing rings-, for Greiner Bio-One dishes, glass bottom



Reducing adapter-ring, for Willco dishes.



Reducing adapter-ring, easy-grip dishes from BD.