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Open heated perfusion chamber for Water Immersion Objectives of upright and long working distance objectives of inverted microscopes, TC-WI

This chamber has uniformly heated glass bottom with large window of 42mm diameter. Can be used with tissue slices and samples attached to a cover slip. Separate compartments for inflow and outflow prevent bubbles from entering the chamber and provide smooth perfusion. Can be used with controlled flow perfusion systems. Might need an objective heater if water immersion optics is used. Requires a temperature controller. Mounted on a 128x86mm frame, 5mm thick, which fits most microscope stages. Might require a microscope adapter. Specify microscope model when ordering.



42mm diameter optical aperture of conical shape to provide effective width of 50mm, 3mm thick


1mm heated glass, mounted on 5mm thick 128x86mm frame

Temperature stability:

0.01C, built-in sensor

Glass bottom:

1mm thick

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Required accessories: temperature controllers, microscope adapter.

Optional accessories: objective heater, perfusion, suction for outflow.

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Open heated perfusion chamber for Water Immersion Objective



Microscope adapter