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Miniature Incubator for 90mm dishes, TC-MI-100

Designed for long-term live cell imaging and time-lapsed microscopy in any dish or chamber up to 86mm diameter. The base consists of two parts: TC-MWPHB and TC-I-100 insert. Standard multi-well 86x128mm plates will also fit inside (after removing TC-I-100 insert). Incorporates heated bottom and insert for water to control humidity (the insert can be also used to position adjustable holders for electrodes and accessories  to position perfusion tubing for continuous media exchange). Requires a heated lid (purchased separately), to prevent condensation and to control CO2 or hypoxia. Built-in multiple ports for tubing and accessories (probes and sensors). Fits all brands of motorized stage (see table below). The bottom is closed (for open bottom incubator, to access with immersion objective - consider another model).


extension (if required)

Ludl, Prior, ASI, Marhauser, Zeiss

no extension required

Nikon 236x155mm:


Thorlabs 170x130mm:


Ludl Bioprecision II, 172x116mm:



Outside dimensions:

Fits 160x110mm cutout of motorized stages; he base height is 11mm; the bottom is recessed (8mm below the mounting surface, comes with 3mm spacers to reduce this recessed profile to 5mm; can be leveled by set screws positioned in the corners of the incubator base

Inside dimensions:

86x128mm; 118x72mm window on the bottom; 33mm from bottom to top lid surface (23.5mm for ultra-low lid option); 24mm inside clearance (17.5mm for ultra-low lid); optional spacers allow to elevate the top surface 9.5mm - to provide more space inside the incubator

Heated bottom:

1mm glass



Use with:

custom devices and chambers 86mm diameter (dishes), standard multi-well plates, Petri dishes, and  coverglasses/slides

Condensation free lid:

Uses a built-in temperature sensor to connect independently to the second channel of temperature controllers, or connect in parallel with the heated base, 81x121mm optical window

CO2 port:

Luer-lock connector to a source of gas mixture.

Media exchange and perfusion:

Multiple sealed inflow ports, a set of adjustable tubing holders to position inflow and outflow tubing inside sample chambers.

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Required accessories: temperature controller.

Optional accessories: CO2/O2 controller, humidifier.

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Miniature Incubator for custom devices and chambers, with closed heated bottom.



Lid for miniature Incubator TC-MWP, -MWPHB, -MIW



Ultra-low lid for miniature Incubator TC-MWP, -MWPHB, -MIW



Spacer to elevate the lid 9.5mm



Adapter for ThorLabs stages, 170x130mm



Adapter for Nikon motorized stages, 236x155mm



Adapter for Ludl Bioprecision II stages, 172x115mm



Set of miniature adjustable tubing and sensor holders, x3, includes 4-40 threaded posts