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Ultra-thin sealed chambers for upright and inverted microscopes, UTIC

Used to seal samples on any surface. The chamber is formed by putting a thin spacer (adhesive gasket)  on a surface: 25mm coverslips for example. The adhesive gaskets form sealed chambers if used with smooth surfaces. The minimum thickness is 150 micron. You can change thickness by using a number of spacers. The inside opening is 21/13mm. Procedure: put 25mm coverslip into the holder UTIC-25; remove one protective layer from adhesive gasket; position the gasket above the coverslip; remove the second protective layer; put your sample inside the opening; cover with the second coverslip. Alternatively, the sealed chamber can be formed directly on any glass surface: put the gasket on the glass surface first, fill with your sample, and seal with a glass coverslip. The adhesive is easy to remove after use. The holder (UTIC-25) will fit directly into the cooling or heated microscope stages TC-T35. The ultra-thin chambers can be used on regular glass slides, heated slides TC-GSH and heated glass plates. Can be used with immersion optics and for multi-photon imaging.
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Optical aperture/window:

21, 13 mm


150 micron

Working volume:

52, 20 microl

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Optional accessories: coverslip holder UTIC-25, microscope adapter, temperature control.

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Adhesive Gaskets, pack of 100. These gaskets allow one to form closed chambers between two coverslips, 150 micron thin. Thicker chambers can be made by using several gaskets. Used to attach coverslips to the bottom of open chambers. Easy to clean after use. Inside diameter 21mm. Fit 25mm coverslips.



Adhesive Ultra-thin Gaskets 24x24mm with 13mm optical clearance, pack of 100.



Holder for Ultra-Thin Imaging Chambers, fits 25mm CoverSlips, microscope adapters and heated stages.



Glass 25mm CoverSlips, No 1 , box of 100.



Holder for square 22x22mm cover slips. Can be used to form imaging chambers.