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Temperature Control > 2-Channel Programmable Temperature Controller

Programmable 2-Channel Bipolar Precision High Stability Temperature Controller TC2-80-150/BTC-2-100, Low Electrical Noise

Can be used with Temperature controlled microscope stages. Provides higher stability required for some sensitive applications, nano/piezo positioning, confocal or AFM  imaging for example. Flexible controls for stable operation and easy to use through the touch-screen. Up to four steps (or ramps) can be programmed (8 steps if only one channel is used).
  • No drift due to high stability, 0.01C.
  • No vibrations during imaging and recording - no internal fan
  • Plastic-encapsulated external probes: no metal ions leakage into solutions
  • Automatic cooling (for BTC-2-100)
  • Self-tuning, no adjustments are required
  • Multiple temperature sensors to choose for feedback, STAGE and BATH
  • Built-in overheating protection
  • Inputs for programmed temperature changes
  • Analog and Digital Outputs to monitor and SET temperature, RS232 port
  • Digital interface for software control
  • No electrical noise - suitable for electrophysiology
Can be used with objective heaters and with perfusion systems: most heating stages work as inline solution pre-heaters. Sample publications.



from -80 to 150C with accuracy 0.1C



Built-in Temperature sensors:

heating stages incorporate sensors for stable operation

External Temperature probes (optional):

miniature 0.87mm diameter, fits small volume chambers


Self-tuning to stabilize temperature of different sample volumes and heating stage sizes, no manual adjustments are required; input for an external SET temperature to program protocols; software control


From built-in STAGE or BATH sensors




100-240VAC 230W/8A per channel, 230W (with 35V output)

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Required accessories: heating or cooling stages. Includes connecting cables. Might require an optional external probe (BATH).

Optional accessories: perfusion system, flow control.

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2-Channel Heating Temperature Controller, with RS232 port, heating and cooling



2-Channel Bipolar Temperature Controller, with RS232 port, heating and cooling



Miniature 0.87mm temperature Probe



Connecting Cable Assembly: an easy-disconnect cable (included with the controller, x2 ). Can be also used to monitor temperature through the second channel. A heating element can be attached to the cable connector.



Connecting Cable Assembly for controllers with automatic cooling

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