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The image of amplified DNA is obtained after 100min incubation of e.coli bacteria at 30C (provided by Geff Gole from Dr. Zhang lab, UCSD San Diego, CA). The chambered slide was placed on top of the glass heater (see below) mounted on an adapter for motorized stages. Can be used in combination with CO2 or hypoxia controllers.

Uniformly Heated Glass Slide 1x3in, TC-GSH

This is a standard size 3x1 in. glass slide used as a heater from the bottom of any sample. Ideal for use with upright microscopes, and long-distance objectives of inverted microscopes. A sealed imaging chamber can be formed on top of the slide using adhesive gaskets. Any chambers, fluidics devices and bio-chips can be placed directly on the slide and clamped by provided flat springs. Threaded surface of 128x86mm mounting 5mm thick frame allows you to attach custom accessories. Built-in temperature sensor. Can be used with an objective heater. Requires a microscope adapter. Specify a microscope model when ordering. Requires a temperature controller. Might require an objective heater if used with an immersion optics.

See sample publications:
5 Spectroscopic THz near-field microscope. Optics Express Vol. 16, Issue 5, pp. 3430-3438 (2008);
4 Vector frequency-comb Fourier-transform spectroscopy for characterizing metamaterials. New Journal of Physics, Volume 10, December 2008;
3 Development of a Quantitative Recombinase Polymerase Amplification Assay with an Internal Positive Control. JOVE 3/30/2015, Issue 97;
1, 2


Optical aperture:


Glass thickness:



128x86mm mounting frame, 5mm thick

Temperature stability:

0.01C, built-in sensor

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Required accessories: temperature controllers, specify microscope adapter.

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Uniformly Heated Glass Slide 



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