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Heated Micro incubator with CO2 and hypoxia control for coverslips, TC-CSC-I

Designed for live cell imaging and time-lapsed microscopy. The incubator can be used with round replaceable coverslips for long-term time-lapse high resolution imaging. Comes with thin high optical quality glass cover to prevent evaporation (can be removed). Easy to use: simply drop the sample coverslip into the holder, seal with silicon chamber, and secure with the top ring. There is no contact between solution and the chamber base to prevent ions leakage. The bottom part has a recessed profile to fit round coverslips. The air-tight seal will prevent media evaporation for hours. Incorporates a temperature sensor and  a heating element for temperature control. Requires a  CO2/O2 controler. Requires a microscope adapter. Specify microscope model when ordering. Can be upgraded with an objective heater for immersion optics.




Outside diameter:


Top Optical window:


CO2 control:

x2 barbed ports

Microscope adapter:

Fits to 50mm cutout of standard microscope adapters

Temperature stability:

0.01C, required for sensitive applications: nano/piezo positioning, confocal imaging

Use with:

Round and square coverslips

Working volume:

25mm coverslip:

21mm, approx. 350 ul

22x22mm coverslip:

19mm, approx. 280 microl

20mm coverslip:

16mm, approx. 200 ul

18mm coverslip:

14mm, approx. 150 ul

13mm coverslip:

9mm, approx. 65 ul

12mm coverslip:

8mm, approx. 50 ul

10mm coverslip:

6mm, approx. 30 ul

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Required accessories: temperature control, microscope adapter, CO2/O2 controller.

Optional accessories: objective heater.

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Heated chamber-incubator for replaceable 25m round coverslips



Heated chamber-incubator for Replaceable Square 22x22mm Coverslip



Heated chamber-incubator for replaceable 20mm round coverslips



Heated chamber-incubator for replaceable 18mm round coverslips



Heated chamber-incubator for replaceable 13mm round coverslips



Heated chamber-incubator for replaceable 12mm round coverslips



Microscope adapter.