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Miniature Incubators Lid for micro-injection and cell manipulation, TC-MIS-INJECT

Can be used with Petri dishes, chambered coverglasses, coverslip holders and glass bottom dishes, both 35 and 50mm. Allows you to insert micro-injection tools through openings in the glass window, which remains heated by a temperature controller during cell manipulation. Incorporates a sensor for stable temperature control. Fits any microscope. Can be used for long-term imaging. Can be used with multi-channel solution switch and perfusion systems. The openings can be closed after manipulation. Requires a temperature controller. Click on image to enlarge.




Outside dimensions:

110 x 110 mm

Optical window:


Use with:

TC-MIS incubators

Condensation free:

Uses a built-in temperature sensor to connect independently to the second channel of temperature controllers

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Required accessories: temperature controller, miniature incubator

Optional accessories: objective heater, perfusion system and accessories, flow control.

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Miniature Incubators Lid for micro-injection and cell manipulation