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Tygon tubing 1/16 inch I.D. 50 feet

Crystal clear, flexible durometer 55 tubing of superior quality. Non-oxidizing, non-toxic, non-contaminating, odorless, tasteless. Grips tightly to glass or metal, bends to sharp radius. Complies with Federal Specifications L-T-790A Type II for lab applications.

Polyethylene tubing, 100 ft.

Polyethylene tubing, 1.14mm (0.045in.) I.D., 1.63mm (0.062in.)O.D. Ethylene Oxide sterilizable. Meets FDA CFR 21. Can be used with PTFE manifolds TPM and PV-8 valves of perfusion systems. To connect to 1/16 in. I.D. soft tubing (Tygon-16), ferrule type and luer fitting from PS-KIT is required.

Silicone pinch valve tubing 1/8 in. O.D., 100 feet
Can be used with pinch valve perfusion systems.

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Required accessories: perfusion system.

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Tygon tubing 1/16 inch I.D. 50 feet



Polyethylene tubing, 100 ft.



Silicone soft pinch valve tubing 1/8 in. O.D., 100 feet



Perfusion fitting kit