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Perfusion cover for 35mm Petri dishes, FLOW-PETRI

This cover, if placed on a standard Petri dish, forms a flow cell. Can be used to replenish media around your samples during imaging, or to apply test solutions. Incorporates barbed ports for inflow and outflow 1/16in I.D. tubing - extending down to the bottom of the dish. The high optical quality glass window on top, 12mm diameter window. Can be used in combination with PDI insert to provide laminar flow. Can be used in combination with heating elements. Can be sterilized with ethanol solution or autoclaved (100C max).

Perfusion tubing and luer-lock ports fitting set x8, PS-KIT

Tygon tubing (50 feet), a set of threaded luer-lock fitting (x8) for use with TC-MWP, TC-MIW, and TC-MWPHB incubators, and a set of luer fitting (x8) to connect PETRI-FLOW top, enough to provide inflow and outflow for four dishes.

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Required accessories: microscope adapter.

Optional accessories: perfusion system, temperature control, flow control.

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Perfusion cover for 35mm Petri dishes



Low Profile Chamber-Insert for Petri dish



Perfusion tubing and luer-lock ports fitting set